Bond 3G/4G, satellite, T1, ISDN, DSL, and cable connections—and get more bandwidth, speed, reliability, and quality than any of them can deliver alone.

Netmondi offers Viprinet, the ultimate IP bonding technology for business. Aggregate multiple Internet connections, wired and cellular together, to form a single powerful WAN connection that keeps you online through thick and thin. 

Plus, bonding gives you the benefits of load balancing, and more.

What can you do with Viprinet? A lot.


TV + radio broadcasting

Broadcast from almost anywhere. Viprinet shines even in unpredictable remote broadcast scenarios, like mobile prime-time broadcasts. Viprinet's bonding diversity technology reduces latency and jitter, and can even eliminate packet loss.

Read our overview of Viprinet for broadcasters.


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Branch office integration + site-to-site VPN

Integrate head offices, branch offices, and remote offices. Keep your distributed workforce and facilities online and productive with site-to-site VPNs. Viprinet's unique bonding efficiency means higher throughputs than other bonding solutions.


Business continuity

Viprinet bonding gives your organization reliable connectivity for business continuity. By diversifying connections (and types of connections), you lower the risks associated with each connection, such as outages and reduced bandwidth.


Let's be clear. True bonding  load balancing.


True bonding the Viprinet way is not the same as load balancing, though it's easy to confuse the two.

People often look to load balancing when they need bandwidth, speed, and reliability. One issue is that, with load balancing, you can never experience speeds faster than the speed of your fastest connection. Second, all sessions established on a single WAN via load balancing terminate if the WAN fails.

True bonding with Viprinet aggregates WANs at the packet level, something load balancing can never do. With true bonding, you can experience speeds faster than the speed of your fastest connection. Also, if a WAN fails, all sessions, including encrypted sessions, are reestablished in the remaining WANs.

With the benefits of load balancing and more, Viprinet is a better value all around.

Why should you use Viprinet?

  • Higher speed - even faster than your fastest connection
  • Flexibility
    • Aggregate any combination of WANs together. If you're bonding wired with cellular, or cellular with cellular, Viprinet does it more effectively and efficiently than any other solution.
    • Use hot plug modules to swap in/out various carriers and WAN types on the fly.
  • Reliability that increases exponentially with every added connection
  • Stunningly low latency for broadcasting and other applications that can't tolerate packet loss

Pretty brilliant.