The VPN Router is Part 1 of every 2-part Viprinet bonding configuration (Router and Hub-server).

  • The Viprinet Router communicates with the Viprinet Hub-server to set up a single encrypted VPN tunnel composed of the WANs being aggregated.
  • The Viprinet Router disassembles the data stream and sends the packets through the tunnel to the Viprinet Hub-server (Part 2 of every Viprinet bonding configuration), and the Viprinet Hub-server reassembles the data stream and sends it to its original destination.
  • The routing method for sending the packets to the Viprinet Hub-server depends on the Viprinet Router's bonding mode.
    • In standard bonding mode, the Viprinet Router sends different packets down different tunnels or channels. If there's ever a problem with one of your connections, the router will send the packet in question down one of the other available tunnels.
    • In optional streaming optimization mode (diversity bonding), the Viprinet Router replicates the data stream at the packet level, and sends each packet across each tunnel simultaneously. Streaming optimization mode is useful in applications that can't tolerate packet loss, like broadcasting.

A Viprinet Router can bond up to 6 connections, both wired and wireless together. By stacking Viprinet Routers, you can bond over 200 connections.

Detailed information about each Viprinet Router is available below, from entry-level to enterprise-level models. The main difference among models is bonding capacity.


Viprinet Router 200

The 200 is the most basic VPN Router, allowing you to bond 2 WANs. With a built-in WiFi  access point, it's suitable for home offices, small remote sites, or for traveling. 



Viprinet Router 300

A compact and cost-effective choice. Three slots for hot-swap modules make for reliability and speed for mobile use and small offices.



Viprinet Router 511 (Mobile)

Perfect for mobile applications with a demand for high bandwidth and high speed. Rugged chassis and low energy consumption.



Viprinet Router 2610

Enterprise-level router with highest bonding capacity, up to 200 Mbps. Ideal performance for medium-to-large networks.




Viprinet Router options available for purchase include:

  • Streaming Optimization
  • Enhanced SNMP Monitoring
  • Node Stacking