Goal Zero keeps Viprinet powered on through thick and thin.

Goal Zero is the leader in portable solar power, with mid-sized and heavy-duty power options to suit mobile and stationary connectivity applications.

Mid-sized power

Sherpa 50 Power Pack

A lightweight power supply to keep devices charged up on the go. Easy to pack and carry at 1.2 lbs, the Sherpa 50 recharges quickly from wall, car or sun.



Sherpa 100 Power Pack

Power all the gear in your kit with the Sherpa 100’s array of ports:

  • Two (2) ultra-fast smart USB ports
  • One (1) 12V port
  • One (1) innovative laptop port
  • One (1) detachable AC inverter for DSLR cameras

Recharges from wall, car or sun.


Yeti 150 Solar Power Generator

Plug-and-play, silent, gas-free/fume-free generator for wherever you need power. Recharges by AC, 12V and sun.


Heavy-duty power

Yeti 400 Solar Power Generator

Heavy-duty yet portable at 29 lbs., the Yeti 400 keeps your entire your system powered on, without the noise and fumes of traditional back-up generators.


Yeti 1250 Solar Power Generator

The ultimate portable power unit: heavy-duty but still movable at 100 lbs. Charge multiple devices with a range of power requirements in any situation.