Netmondi is an authorized distributor of Mediaport® in North America. Mediaport is a line of ultra-portable IP bonding routers for rapid deployment, manufactured by Wired Broadcast with Viprinet® technology inside.

With Mediaport, aggregate the up- and downstream bandwidth of all available links (4G, cable, satellite) to create a rock-solid connection. With Mediaport, you can bond five WANs: 4 LTE/4G connections and 1 Ethernet connection. By using WANs from multiple carriers, you can reduce risk of outage, congestion, and downtime. Mediaport comes in grab-and-go and ruggedized versions with on-board power that you can simply take with you, switch on, and even use while on the move.


Mediaport® LTE

Mediaport LTE bonds 4 cellular connections with an Ethernet WAN. With built-in power supply and built-in antennas, this model is easy to carry and switch on at your remote location.

Mediaport® R

Mediaport R is a ruggedized, compact, and lightweight option for challenging environments. This IP-67 rated device bonds up to 5 connections (4 LTE connections and 1 Ethernet WAN) and can be powered by external power supply or direct-mount MBITR batteries. Mediaport R has up to 12 hours of operating time if equipped with 2 6.8 Ah batteries. 

Mediaport® DORIS

Mediaport DORIS combines video surveillance with mission-critical connectivity in one device. This instantly-deployable, lightweight, and compact IP bonding router includes two Vemotion video encoders and an industrial PC in a ruggedized enclosure, along with on-board hot-swap MBITR batteries with up to 6 hours of run time and multiple inputs for cameras and sensors.

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