Bonding with full flexibility

With Viprinet's range of hot swap modules, you can equip your Viprinet Routers with any combination of wired and cellular connections, up to 6 WANs per router.

  • "Hot plug" means you can plug and unplug modules while your machine is in use, without interruption to data transfers already underway. You can switch carriers/providers and types of connections on the fly with minimal effort. That's a huge plus compared to other bonding solutions.
  • Some customers order more than 6 modules for each router, so they can create additional connection combinations.

For cellular connections, Netmondi can supply you with Viprinet modules that support the following cellular providers in North America:

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • T-Mobile
  • Rogers
  • Telus
  • Bell



HSPA+ is an enhancement to the 3G/HSPA standard that allows transfer rates of up to 21 MBit/s downstream. Included are one (1) high-quality direct-mount cellular quad-band omnidirectional antenna for 2 dBi gain, as well as one (1) SMA connector. In areas with low signal coverage, use the SMA connector with any external high-gain cellular antenna to obtain UMTS/3G or EDGE signal reception.



4G (LTE/HSPA+ with or without GPS)

4G is a recent mobile standard available worldwide. It allows higher bandwidths and higher ranges at the same time.

The 4G hot plug module support UMTS and GSM standards, ensuring seamless transition between standards when selecting the best available connection.

Included are 2 high-quality knuckle-mount antennas and 2 SMA jacks on each module so you can attach an external MIMO antenna for use in low reception areas. The model with GPS also includes one (1) GPS antenna with a 9.8-foot (3-meter) cable.

  4G without GPS

4G without GPS

  4G with GPS

4G with GPS




With Viprinet‘s CDMA/EV-DO Module, you can achieve data transfer rates of up to 3.1 Mbps downstream and 1.8 Mbps upstream. Demanding applications, including video telephony, work fast and reliably.

Included is one (1) SMA connector, which you can use to connect any external antenna for increased bandwidth, even if there's insufficient network coverage. By also adding powerful outdoor antennas, you can establish a data connection even in remote areas.



Gigabit Ethernet

The Gigabit Ethernet Module is a bridge to various types of WANs You can attach external modems to the module and integrate them in the Multichannel VPN Router's channel bundling system. Supports SDSL modems, fixed line access routers, WiFi routers, satellite, and more. Includes one (1) RJ45 jack for use with CAT.5 network cables.