Netmondi provides organizations with IP bonding solutions, helping clients get and stay connected in challenging environments.

Netmondi is an authorized distributor of Mediaport® products and a certified and registered channel partner of Viprinet®, serving clients in the United States and Canada.



Anthony Faust


CEO Anthony Faust founded Netmondi from a passion for innovative IP bonding technology. His consulting combines deep technical knowledge with a solutions architect's 30,000-foot view of each client's environment, enabling him to tailor comprehensive solutions.

Having spent much of his career creating award-winning sound for TV, film, and triple-A games, Anthony has an insider's knowledge of media that is particularly valuable to Netmondi's broadcast clients. He has presented at numerous industry conferences like AES and MIGS.



Johnnie Dymock

Netmondi's primary advisor is Johnnie Dymock, CEO of Wired Broadcast in London, UK.